24-7For our youth, from the ages of 12 to 18 we have our 24/7 Youth Group which meets every Sunday morning at 10am for tea and toast in the upstairs coffee bar before joining the rest of the church in the service at 11am. At 11:15am our youth return to the coffee bar for their Bible study and discussion group. This group discusses events and issues unique to our teenagers as they grow into mature Christians.

In addition our youth group meet outside the church for worship events, Soul Survivor and a variety of other outdoor activities.

For the past 15 years our youth leaders have taken the youth group to Somerset to participate in Soul Survivor camp for 5 days and four nights. This trip has helped many in cementing their walk with God and connecting them to the wider church.

God’s mission: Soul Survivor 2015 article

For more information on Soul Survivor please visit their website www.soulsurvivor.org.

Please email Terry Baxter via the Church Office for more information on 24/7 and how to be involved either as a leader or a participating youth.