Historically Albany Road Baptist Church has always had a desire to reach out beyond its four walls and relate to those locally; nationally and internationally. This is embodied in our mission statement as a church we aim to encourage all who call ARBC home to: Go to the World and Show God’s Love to others.

Go to the World

As a church we take seriously God’s Great Commission to ‘Go into all the world’. In response we are constantly looking for opportunities to go in the name of Christ and offer support to other churches and do mission in other places.

We recently went to Winneba in Ghana during 2015 to offer support to the community there. We are considering a trip to Calcutta, India in 2016. Closer to home we are looking to support churches in the Welsh Valleys and further afield.

Show God’s Love

We care for those who live in our neighbourhood. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to:

Transform our Community and see everyone who lives around the church become all that they can be. To create cultural cohesion and build what the political parties have called – The Big or Good Society. We do this not because we have a political or social agenda but because we believe God loves all people regardless of their background; choices or social standing.

We believe that God loves you just as you are, but loves you too much to leave you as you are. We want others to experience this love; life; light and liberty for themselves.

We aim to meet real need in our local community. We aim to play our part in making the Roath Area one of the best places to live in the city of Cardiff.

The church seeks to address the needs of all regardless of race; creed or colour.

In recent years we have seen the number of community focussed projects multiply.

For example:

Many in our community are elderly and isolated in their homes. We therefore run a Monday Club to provide friendship and a Lunch Club to provide a hot meal. Both these groups organise holidays for those who would not normally be able to have one.

We also work in partnership with a significant number of other charities that share our desire to transform people’s lives. We do this because we believe that God is infinitely interested in whole people – body; mind; soul and spirit. We are seeking to be a truly holistic church and believe that we have something unique to offer.