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Leaders Letter – June 2015

by Donna Littlechild

With so many activities (old and new) taking place in the Church it is not surprising that over the past few months reminder of the need to create cell groups or life groups, whatever you choose to call them, has gone on the back burner.  But what has been pleasing is the number of people in the Fellowship […]

It’s so easy to get stuck!!

by Donna Littlechild

I cannot tell you the number of conversations I have had with Christians over the years whose faith has got stuck. There seem to be many who fail to move forward finding themselves in a faulty relationship with God. Many get stuck at Good Friday. They see the Christian Faith as a solution to their […]

Looking forward to 2015

by Richard Hardy

We started the year with the Festival of Prayer. A chance for us all to dip our toe into the ocean of prayer and try things we have not attempted before. For some it may have been fasting; for others all night prayer and for still others the Family Prayer Breakfast.