With so many activities (old and new) taking place in the Church it is not surprising that over the past few months reminder of the need to create cell groups or life groups, whatever you choose to call them, has gone on the back burner.  But what has been pleasing is the number of people in the Fellowship who have taken up the challenge of E100 to answer the Essential Question – how can I make a difference for God?

The current E100 is about taking a journey through the Acts of the Apostles, one of the most dynamic books in the Bible.  The daily readings for each week are split into blocks of five and at the end of each block there is a series of questions which are searching and challenging.

Whilst it is recommended that you do the daily readings on your own, it is suggested that you then get together with a friend or better still with a group to discuss what you have learned.  In this way you will be sharing your insights with others and they likewise with you.  By doing so, you will deepen your understanding of scripture as you learn from each other.  Not only you and the other members of your group benefit but the church benefits because if several groups were meeting to share God’s Word, share fellowship and then to pray together, the spiritual temperature of the church is increased.

For several months now a group has been meeting on Monday evenings which is led by Susan.  It started as Discipleship Explored, moved on to the Lyfe Group and at the moment is doing E100.  One Monday in May each one in the group shared their story of their journey to Faith and it was a moving evening.  We learned so much about each other and no doubt our prayers for each other will be more informed and meaningful.  And of course this is what groups are meant to achieve as we deepen our understanding together.  So can I encourage you to think seriously about belonging to a Cell Group.  If you want help in seeking to join a group or forming one with others, please speak to Richard or Susan and they will be happy to direct you.

On Sunday 24 May we held the first Pub Church Meeting in the Claude.  This was in place of the Cafe Church held up to a few months ago.

Many of you will remember Henry Olonga (now James Olonga) the cricketer from Zimbabwe who was a promising fast bowler who was enjoying a successful career.  Along with Andy Flower who was even more famous they protested at a World Cup Cricket Tournament against the corruption and abuse of human rights in their own country.   He told the moving story of how he put his life in real danger and had to flee Zimbabwe and come to the UK.  It was a great evening as he told his story of how he came to faith and the reasons behind his principled protest which could have cost him his life.  He has a very good singing voice and sang a couple of songs but unfortunately his final song of the evening did not take place because he would have been drowned out by the loud music in the next room.

What the future holds for our adventure across the road remains to be seen, but it was a great start and a new relationship is being formed as we further reach out to our Community.

Please keep all these matters alive in your personal prayers and when possible be present at the monthly Prayer Meetings and the Prayer Breakfasts where all are welcome.

Bill Oliver – Elder