Over the past few years we have developed good working relationships with our local primary schools. We are also developing a relationship with the local secondary school.

We serve the needs of the community through:

  • Teachers – a number of our Church Members work as teachers in schools around Cardiff.
  • Governors – we have Church members who serve as Governors in the local schools.
  • Reading Support Team – A dedicated group of older people go into the local schools to listen to students read. In this very simply and practical way we are looking to play our part in reversing the current trend in Cardiff where 26% of students enter secondary education and are regarded as functionally illiterate.
  • Training Courses – We regularly run courses for Parents in one of the local primary schools. These are not expert led but are run by parents for parents. The course facilitators have a ‘me too’ attitude.
  • We are also exploring offering courses in Money Management; Drugs Awareness; Internet Safety and Relationships.
  • Open the Book Project: This is one of our newest projects. It aims to teach the Bible by sharing its stories with teachers and students alike. The resources for this project are provided by the Bible Society.