stickerWe are made to love and be loved. Love comes in many flavours.

The Bible speaks of 4:

1. The love of a parent for a child. This is the first and most fundamental flavour of love.

Sadly many in our society are let down at this point and experience very little of this love,leaving them love hungry.

2. The love of brothers and sisters. This is the second flavour of love. These two together are intended to create a solid platform on which to build the third. They are intended to teach us how to love and be loved. This love is supposed to be built on parental love. The lack of parental love leaves children competing for affection and longing for the love of another – any other!

3. Romantic Love. When we have been let down by parent and sibling the ache in our heart means we look for the right kinds of love in all the wrong kinds of places.

When these three work we feel secure and can build our lives on a solid foundation.

The problem for many, if not most in our society is that the lack of stability in each and all of these first three forms of love leave us empty and also leads to the difficulties many of us face. It leaves us vulnerable to flawed expressions of ‘love’. It opens the way to violation and abuse. We are left looking for love and settling for something less or selling ourselves short in the hope that love might somehow materialise.

Then there is the fourth and final flavour of Love.

It is the love we long for and fail to find in the first three. It is the love that lasts. It is the ultimate expression of love. It is love of a different calibre and kind. It is unconditional. It is limitless. It lifts up. It fills us up to overflowing. It sets us free from the need to run to others for fake love. It liberates us to love the unloving and unlovely. It reverses the trend, sorts out the situation and offers society the ability to love again. It is the solution to many of the worlds ills.

It is God’s love.

It comes to us through Jesus who showed God’s love for each and all – in living; dying and rising.

It is planted within us by the Holy Spirit.

It is God’s gift to all who will come and ask for it.

Will you?

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