Hapus which means Happy in Welsh is a very exciting project for us as a church.

It is seeking to use Social Enterprise as a means of releasing people from the need to work in order to be able to serve the needs of the local community. Hapus delivers Parent and Lifeskills Training in the local schools.

Often teachers tell us that the greatest challenges faced by parents is knowing how to offer support to their children in the competing demands and daily pressures of life. Particularly when for many of them they received very little support themselves in their schooling and education.

Hapus offers parents and teachers alike the support that they need. The courses are designed to be run by parents for parents, as such those leading are able to say – “me too!” and speak openly and honestly about their own struggles where parenting is concerned.

Hapus is a not for profit organisation created in 2014 and a member of the Cardiff Third Sector Council. For questions and/or information on the next course please contact the office or visit their website www.hapus.org.