Our Leadership

Albany Road Baptist Church is a unique organisation that has two part time Pastors who share the duty of leading our church. We also have a Leadership team made up of members of the church family. The Elders who support the Pastors and the Deacons who oversee the practical elements of church life.

Service as a church leader is not determined by age or gender and ARBC is pleased to have a diverse leadership that is able to cater to its diverse and growing congregation.

Richard Hardy

Richard Hardy

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Richard Hardy works as Senior Pastor for ARBC on a part time basis 3 days a week and 3 Sunday’s a month. He is also the Director of a Charity – The Entheos Trust that encourages Church leaders and enables Churches to engage more effectively in mission in their local communities. He has been in ministry 25 years, spoken at over 50 UK National and Regional Conferences, writes for Sorted Magazine and is married to Rosemary. They have two adult children.

Lesley Lawrence

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Lesley Lawrence works as a Pastor at ARBC on a part-time basis. She was born and brought up in Cardiff and has a teaching background. After getting married, Lesley lived in Kenya for two years, and South West London for 16 years before returning to South Wales to train for ministry. Lesley completed her training at the South Wales Baptist College in June 2017 and has a degree in Theology from Cardiff University. She is married to Andrew and they have three children, Samuel, Jamie and Daisy.

Peter Littlechild

Peter Littlechild

Community Co-ordinator
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Peter Littlechild grew up in Albany Road Baptist Church, which he attended with his family. He attended the Cub Scouts at ARBC. After an extended absence he returned to the church and began to fill various roles such as the catering manager. As the deacon in charge of local mission he loves working in and around Roath creating community links and working with parents of local school children, planning community events and being involved in the schools.

Peter recently trained to give talks on parenting and created Hapus with another parent Emma Reid-Jones, which provides parenting advice and support with a Christian emphasis.

Terry Baxter

Terry Baxter


Terry Baxter has been part of ARBC since 1998. He has served in the church as a Deacon and became a Elder in 2012. He currently provides oversight for the church’s Children and Youth work, as well as being an active member of the Worship Group. He works in risk and compliance in the Financial Sector and also has a degree in Theology. He is married to Sharon and has two teenage children.

Kath Hubback

Deacon Responsible for Prayer

Kath’s day job is as a Civil Servant. In the life of the church she is involved in the Worship Team and responsible for co-ordinating the prayer life of the church. Since starting as Deacon for Prayer she has helped us develop the Monthly Prayer Meeting; the Prayer text Chain and the Healing Ministry Team.

Arkle Bell

Deacon for World Mission

After 40 years in full time youth work and mission I have retired to Cardiff. I’m still actively involved with the YMCA in Birmingham. Internationally I have visited a number of African countries to help with mission support and training.
For over 25 years I have been regularly involved in training and support for a number of Christian agencies in South Africa. I have also taken and supported young people as they have spent time there too.

Lottie Doyle-Edwards

Deacon for Youth Work

Lottie has been a part of the church all her life. She has first-hand experience of the children’s and youth work. Lottie was baptised in 2010 before leaving to study Maths at University. Upon returning she started helping at Friday Night Youth Club and more recently has been leading sessions with the youth on Sunday mornings. Lottie really enjoys working with young people. “There is so much to learn from them as well as teach them.” Lottie is also a Cub Scout Leader with the 45th Cardiff Scout Group, which meets in the Church halls

Thakshila Gunesekera

Thakshila Gunesekera

Deacon for Finance

Thakshila Gunesekera is married to Somas. They have both been part of Albany Road Baptist Church for over 20 years. She became Treasurer in 2011. She enjoys being part of the Joint Leadership team and the Albany Church Community. Thakshila and Somas are originally from Sri Lanka.

Roger Irwin

Deacon for Welcome and Belonging

I have been a member of ARBC for more than 50 years! Having grown up in the church I have been involved in the Youth Club since it earliest days. Amongst other activities I pioneered the weekly food co-op as part of our service to the community. I am married to Sue and we have two grown up children and 4 grandchildren.

Cynthia Lang

Cynthia Lang

Deacon and Church Secretary

Cynthia Lang has been a member of ARBC for more than 25 years. As a result of her long-standing membership Cynthia is a good resource for church history and archives. In October 2014, she coordinated an administrative/financial review of the church structures with an outside consultant in the aim of ensuring the church continues to be able to do its work effectively. Cynthia recently retired from working with the NHS. She can be found doing work for the church most weekday mornings.

Becky Williams

Becky Williams

Deacon for Children’s Work

Rebecca ‘Becky’ Williams is the youngest deacon to ever serve at ARBC. She has been attending the church most of her life. Her passion is to teach the children Bible stories in a creative learning environment and she is therefore in charge of the Kids’ Club and yearly the Holiday Club that occurs during the August holidays. Becky also helps Terry Baxter Friday nights at the Youth club and has been attending Soul Survivor with the Church each August for 10 years, first as an attendee then as a chaperone and Village Leader. In her spare time outside of church, she is a Reception Class teacher in Pontypridd.

Robert Whitehouse

Deacon Responsible for Church Buildings, fabric and IT

Rob is by profession an Auditor and you can tell. In his role co-ordinating the upkeep of the church and IT / Media he has a thorough no-nonsense approach that gets jobs done.

Mary Dewey

Mary Dewey

Front Office Manager
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Mary has been part of the church for about 40 years. In that time she has been involved in many areas of the church life. More recently she was employed as the Church Office Manager in 2011. Since then we have seen the work of the church blossom so in early 2015 as part of our expansion she took responsibility for pioneering our brand new front office. The aim of this is to improve the welcome as the building becomes a hub of mission and ministry activity. Mary is also our unofficial “Artist in Residence”.