Our aim as a church is to help people come to:

Know Christ – We believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead so that everyone who comes to Him might know life; love and liberty. Our goal is to provide all those who come into contact with the church the opportunity to know Christ personally regardless of their background; upbringing or manner of life. We invite you to discover an ever deepening relationship with Jesus as Lord in your everyday life. It is our conviction that where God is concerned there is always more to know.
Growing Grow in Faith – We recognise that a living faith cannot be summed up in a set of rules or religious practises. It is far more dynamic than that! For us it’s about stepping out of our comfort zones, listening to the God who speaks – by the Holy Spirit and through the Bible and being willing to do what He says. As we do so we grow in: relationship with God; fullness of life and effectiveness in service.
Going Go to the World – We believe that God has given us a message of faith, hope and love to share with all people whether they are across the street or around the world. To that end we encourage ordinary members of the congregation to go out and help others find what Christ offered – life in all its fullness.
Showing Show God’s Love – We are convinced that God loves each person he has given life to, no matter whether their situation or the choices they have made. As such we believe everyone is welcome into the community of the church. We also believe that as Christians we are called to show and share the love of God with others. We seek to do this by looking to address the practical needs we see around us in our community.

You can also download our set of Mission Statement Studies which are designed:

  1. To introduce you to the Vision of the Church
  2. To challenge you to Play Your Part.
  3. To help you to live and develop as a Christian.

Click here to download the Mission Statement Studies (Word document).