Morning Worship – 11.00am

Generally the first Sunday of the month is an All Join In service. This is not an all age service in the traditional sense of the term, nor is it a Family Service. It is an opportunity for us to learn together and from one another irrespective of age or status.
The third Sunday of each month is Morning Communion.

Evening Worship:

Over the past few years we have experimented with different styles of worship.

First Sunday

6.30pm – Healing Communion.
We believe that God still has the power to heal by his Holy Spirit as such we offer this opportunity to either come and be prayed for yourself or on behalf of others.

Second Sunday

4.00pm – Messy Church
This is a service suitable for Families. It is designed for all ages to join in. Our time together starts with a short service; followed by the opportunity to explore faith through craft. We then have tea together and finish by 5.30pm

7.00pm – Cafe/Pub Church
We recognise that there are those in our community and amongst our friends for whom the whole idea of “going to church” is alien. This expression seeks to make it easier to invite people to give church a try. It is located in a more familiar venue of either a pub or cafe as the name suggests. It is low key and informal and usually involves music by way of performance; story or discussion.

Third Sunday

5.00pm – Classic Church
This is traditional church with a twist. There are those in our church and the community who prefer church to be a little more formal and predictable. This service seeks to meet that need. All are welcome to join us for a service that last about 45 minutes and is followed by tea.

Fourth Sunday

6.30pm – Contemporary Church
This is church for those who prefer things more modern and interactive. We explore life related issues from a faith perspective.

Fifth Sunday

In those months where there is a fifth Sunday we do a variety of things from Contemplative Church to a Welcome Lunch. See the Calendar for details.